Santa Fe Reporter editor Alexa Schirtzinger’s actions prove she is biased

Since becoming vocal in New Mexico politics, especially during the 2012-2013 legislative session, I have increasingly noticed by the bias of various journalists toward Republicans and conservatives.

In March I was edited out of an article by The Santa Fe New Mexican.  Interestingly enough after confronting the article’s author Julie Ann Grimms eventually corresponding via email, she refused to deal with the matter further unless I met her terms.  There was never a reasonable explanation as to why the edit job was done except that I emailed her instead of giving her a phone call as she had hoped.  There was also the fact that the Democrat-supported Occupy movement of New Mexico was led by Jeff Ethan Genauer was angry his group had not been included in the article (read more about his outrage here).

As the emailgate story gets deeper I have confronted several leftist ‘media’ groups as they seek to distort facts and mislead the public.  Among them have been writers for the Santa Fe Reporter and Monahan– people who are little more than mouthpieces for the Democratic Party of New Mexico.  For these people, dispensing leftist bias is a job and they are offended when anyone challenges them.

I would have liked to hear from Ms. Schirtzinger about how she plans to ‘come to [me].’  At best her comment implies she wants to uncover my identity.

This afternoon I noticed an interesting thing when I stopped by Schirtzinger’s Twitter profile.  I have been blocked by her on Twitter.  Schirtzinger obviously doesn’t want to hear from me and/or learn what my conservative viewpoint is on an issue.   See a couple screenshots below (notice the ‘blocked’ pop-up tab at the top):


And on iPhone:


It seems this thin-skinned biased ‘journalist’ cannot take criticism.  Perhaps it is because there is truth in my comments and questioning?  Maybe Alexa Schirtzinger will give us an answer on Twitter.  You can tweet her at @aschirtz.

Read the follow-up story where Alexa Schirtzinger attempts to bully me here.

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