My Fifth Twitter Suspension – Donna Did It!

Thursday was about as normal as any other day.  I tweeted sporadically, then I popped back on my computer to find that my Twitter account had been suspended.  After over nine months of frequent confrontations with leftists and fake conservatives I have managed to stay safe and unsuspended.  Then this happened which was a real shocker!  Suspension number five!

A quick check gave me an idea as to who had gotten me suspended:

Some people rarely celebrate unless something evil is present or a severe woe has occurred.  Donna Messina (aka @KathleenSweets) is one of these persons. Rare Pic of @KathleenSweets on the Job She can often be found using her daughter as a shield and bullying anybody that doesn’t agree with her whims.

Donna was previously exposed in a blogpost in April.  She has claimed to be a member of law enforcement, but the truth proves that it is otherwise.

The morning after my suspension while I was logged in to my backup Twitter account, Donna finally got around to showing her complete evil joviality.  At one point I saw a mental picture of Donna’s very round figure sitting on a stout chair and her dry voice cackling about my suspension…almost like old hag portrayed in Dicken’s immortal A Tale of Two Cities who sits at the foot of the guillotine.

What was it that made Donna so angry?  It may have been one or two tweets:

Donna denies that this pic with four security officers includes her…

Whether or not the picture is of Donna or not, Donna certainly appears to have a short fuse and absolutely no self-control; she was terribly excited about my suspension.  Thankfully after many prayers and help from friends I was reinstated after twenty-four hours in ‘Gulag.’

Donna’s motive for her attacks and radical tweets is still a mystery to me, but I have come to believe at least one of two reasons plays into it heavily into Donna’s behavior.  The first reason is a life that has been turbulent and lacking love.  Donna is full of hate and lacks accountability.  The second reason, which also seems to fit the picture, is that Donna may actually be a hard-left sympathizer.  She certainly works hand-in-hand with people on the left, from Kimberlin cronies to Occupy and Anonymous.  Donna’s vocal views have never been ones that can be pinned down.  Yes, she is pro-second amendment, but has she ever been vocal on any other issue?  Does she ever stand up for truth?…  Or is it only about what she can get and how she can destroy…

Lastly, who can imagine this woman as a security guard?  The level of screening that the State of Oregon makes these guards go through is unimpressive– how could someone with obvious mental issues and disturbing behavior be trusted to protect someone or something?  Regardless of the job she occasionally works, Donna Messina is a real-life cyber bully who delights in attacking people.

*     *     *

“Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.”  Romans 12:9

11 thoughts on “My Fifth Twitter Suspension – Donna Did It!

  1. Sorry to hear about the gulaging, but glad to have you back. That pic reminds me of the woman from Poltergeist.


  2. Bullyville needs to realize that she’s the one harassing people. God forbid people retaliate with substance, like FACTS!

    Bullyville has align themselves with the wrong side & has lost ALL credibility.


  3. Oh I see, she/he/it is so illiterate it can’t spell! Nevermind… Is being politically incorrect
    defined as being disrespectful…oh, that’s just the Libs who think that isn’t it.


  4. the woman is demented. Do not understand why you continue to engage her the way you do. You are too valuable as a conservative to risk getting suspended by someone like her.

    I do so enjoy your blogs, thanks for including me.

    Much Mahalo, Alice


    1. I stopped engaging this one shortly after this suspension.

      Glad to hear you enjoy my blog! Recently I have been focusing more on New Mexico politics and the interesting happenings here…


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