Why is Liz Harrison’s Twitter Account in Gulag?

Liz Harrison is one of those bloggers I look up to.  We have been acquainted for over a year and though we do not always see eye to eye we get along and respect each other.

Ms. Harrison is truly one of the least divisive conservatives on Twitter.  Whether encouraging me to let go of what has appeared to be ‘infighting’ with other conservatives or being more persuasive in regard to social issues, Liz has been a good influence on me since we have come to know each other!

Yesterday I was notified that Liz Harrison’s Twitter account @GoldwaterGal who had been suspended and sent to Twitter Gulag after simply asking a question of @AlanColmes.  Of all people I have interacted with there are few who are as civil as @GoldwaterGal— there’s no fighting coming from her.

Please join me in supporting Liz Harrison and calling for the release of her Twitter account @GoldwaterGal.  Today is #FollowFriday.  Begin with an #FF for Liz on her backup Twitter account @EyesSabina and ask Twitter’s CEO @dickc to release her from #TwitterGulag!

This is our fellow conservative who is down!  Give her a hand up!

Your comments and criticism are welcomed and encouraged. Please keep it "G-rated."

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