So you want to be a troll? Don’t be like Donna…

Since joining Twitter I have run into quite a few trolls.  Some harass to no end and even a block will not stop them.  Among one of the most interesting is an account called ‘Kathleen Sweets‘ who has been pest to conservatives on the right for nearly a year.

A ‘Sweet’ Troll

Last spring Kathleen quickly went off the deep end when she was discouraged from tweeting to hardcore leftists who have suspended people.  After inappropriate behavior she ended up suspended (as sometimes happens in cases where people say irresponsible things or attack hard left Twitter accounts) and instead of looking to the left she blamed her fellow conservatives.  What followed was attacks on conservatives such as myself and hate spewed at people whose desire was to stop Obama from being reelected.  Instead their time was wasted defending themselves.

This ‘Kathleen’ person loved to pester people and as time went on she went further down the path to ridiculous tweeting and low attacks.  When in turn people such as the Loeschs, Kincannon and others would not believe her unprovable claims Kathleen became angry at them too.  It seemed she could not believe she was wrong herself.  At one point Kathleen even encouraged another Twitter user to call the police and send them to the address of someone she disliked.

Since last summer a variety of theories have come up regarding the Kathleen Twitter account.  Some have said ‘Kathleen’ is actually the Twitter pest Brooks Bayne who runs some sock-puppet troll accounts and a trashy website which often defames conservatives.  The truth is something less spectacular, but certainly verifiable.

This year, after an interesting turn of events, I decided to do a little research eventually enlisting the assistance of a few others who helped me complete the process (What I have to share would never have been found without them!!).

Following the Trail

I knew a little about Kathleen prior to March of 2013.  She claimed to be a security guard or law enforcement of some kind, a mother to a couple adult children and to live in Oregon.  A few tweets, which I would deem inadvisable, were posted in early March and they caught my eye.  The first name of a daughter and a car accident were particularly useful.  First searches yielded nothing, but then things began to fit together.  After cross-checking all Google searches and finding a few clues in Facebook searches I eventually reached out to a few other people who brought in more leads.  A long trail of marriages and step-relations lead to the name Donna M.  What started as a first name search for a car accident ended up leading to the discovery of the person behind the troll Twitter account @KathleenSweets.  Donna M. aka @KathleenSweets on Twitter has used at least half a dozen other Twitter handles to pester people.*

Donna is a registered Independent:

DonnaM. VoterRegistration

At times Donna M. aka Kathleen has reportedly told people on Twitter she works for law enforcement.  In the IM below Donna was angry because she believed friends of mine had suspended one of her Twitter accounts (an allegation she was never able to prove).  I told her to go away, but she persisted attacking one friend in this last IM sent to me last July:

Kathleen-OfficerIs this technically or legally impersonating a law enforcement officer?  She certainly is telling me that the discourse was being watched.

This data confirms who Donna’s employer is– a private security company.  The screenshot below comes from an official Oregon website that deals with security personnel licenses:

DonnaM. Private Security

If anyone had any doubt that Kathleen was Donna M., those concerns were put aside as Donna has confirmed several times that the data I have mentioned is correct.

Fan Mail

Some things are not appropriate to say:


Another very inappropriate tweet which could certainly be interpreted as a threat:


Just Be Honest

Much of what was mentioned above has been confirmed.  Had Donna denied it, some may have believed her.  However, she has now confirmed that it is true.  Below is what she denies.  After pulling up her private security personnel profile from the state of Oregon an interesting thing is shown.  While Donna has repeatedly stated she is an armed security guard, she is not licensed as such by the state of Oregon:

DonnaM. Security Inquiry1

The above profile of Donna shows that she is NOT certified as an armed security officer yet she insists that she is; a claim she has been making for over a year.  If Donna is working as an armed security officer she is not doing so according to law.  In New Mexico there are several levels of security personnel, the lowest being unarmed.

Donna could be carrying a gun in her personal capacity for all I know.  I am unfamiliar with Oregon gun laws, but I know they are significantly more stringent than New Mexico laws.  For the last year Donna has been claiming to be an ‘armed security officer’ and at times misleading others to believe she is a law enforcement officer though she is not certified to fill either of those roles.  Donna is also employed by a security company which we will refer to by an abbreviation ‘AB’.


A Warning for Twitter Users

In writing this I hope to encourage people on Twitter to be careful and mindful of their surroundings.  There are some nasty psychos on the internet; since joining Twitter a year and a half ago I have encountered many.  Some of them are dangerous and if they want to find you chances are they can if they are persistent and know how to do some sleuthing.  Enabling weirdos to track you down is not the best idea.

Being a nasty troll and threatening or bullying people can lead to unpleasant consequences– just don’t say those things.  Comments like the ones Donna directed to me are better off left unsaid.  Hate me all you want, but if you put that hate into a documentable form, it may lead to bad repercussions.

“Whoso digs a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolls a stone, it will return upon him.”

– Proverbs 26:27

“For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.”

– Hosea 8:7

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.”

– Galatians 6:7

*       *       *

*I do not wish any bodily harm to Donna M., though I do hope she will change her attitude toward others and stop her persistent tweeting of hate, profanity and occasionally threatening behavior.  This information is simply shared to make my point that people on the internet should be mindful of what they say.

10 thoughts on “So you want to be a troll? Don’t be like Donna…

  1. LOL I have run into that female a time or two and I remember when she like hijacked our tweets! I blocked her a long time ago. I do not put up with or care to hear that kind of stuff. But yes, it’s always good to be cautious and certainly watch out for these trolls.


    1. Donna has pestered people for so long– really I can’t believe somebody would blow up and stay angry for so long! As always, it is good to be careful on Twitter.

      Thank you for commenting, Bethany!


  2. Great work! I remember back when she was bringing the crazy, before I blocked her.
    I’m afraid you may have forgotten to edit her last name out in one of the first screenshots…it’s showing what name you searched to bring her up.


      1. Great post. Very interesting. Heard all of the same things and you hit them out of the park.


  3. Well, I wish I had read this before tonight, but I did not. It explains a lot though and makes a lot of sense. I’ve been on Twitter for about a month or so and have made a lot of mistakes. I made another one tonight by sticking my nose into a certain persons business who knows what to say and how to say it. Last thing I want is to bring any harm or unwanted attention to that person. I just hope I haven’t over stepped the boudaries. My goal from the beginning has been to try and bring some logic and hopefully a small measure of wisdom to the debate about the dangerous path I believe our country is on under this President. I see now after reading about the games that are being played by this Donna why my “certain person” acts with a high level of caution. My attempts at being funny aren’t important to me. The state of our nation is. As for who I am, simply combining my email name and the name I put in the first box will solve that mystery. I have been operating under the assumption that my “certain person” had already made that connection, but perhaps not. I am disclosing this info because I wanted to acknowledge that I went a step too far tonight with that image I posted in a poor attempt at being funny. Now that I have read and understand what’s been going on, at least in this one scenario with “Donna”, it makes that much more sense. So with all of that being said, I hope there might be some sympathy for this tired old vet who loves his country and just wants to help. I leave you with a promise of a new understanding for the importance of careful tweeting and an improved appreciation for my “certain persons” need for caution. This is the best I can do under these circumstances. Please email me back and know that I have no fear of open communication with you. Just not real comfortable in a fully public forum yet. Perhaps that would solve a lot of this, but I am by nature a fairly private person and after seeing what some people go through. Yikes. Thanks, God bless and I look forward to hearing from you. Mike


    1. Hi, @RadioJockChick, (aka @RetroRadioGal aka @RetroRadioGirl)!

      I understand you do not have a particularly high standard.

      Remember…I am not the one who sent the cops to Kincannon’s address, am I? Nor have I encouraged anyone to call the police on anyone as you and your friend Donna have done respectively.

      May God bless you with truth,



  4. Well, I just learned about her the hard way tonight. Believed “her” and was attacked by Todd & some of his followers. Needless to say, it’s been a rough night…


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