Howard County state’s attorney wants to ignore the problem

“If you are so concerned for your safety, don’t come to Maryland.”  This is the statement which was made by Howard County State’s Attorney Jim Brewer in Maryland after Aaron Walker brought his stalking concerns to the attention to the state attorney’s office.

As many across the blogosphere are aware Mr. Walker is a Virginia citizen who has faced some serious attacks which have carried him down a path to the point that a psycho leftist convicted terrorist and his cohorts stalk and bully he and his wife (If you are not familiar with it, the story may be read here).

Whether one follows Mr. Walker’s story or not, it is rather disconcerting to hear a public servant make an irresponsible comment such as the one above.

Subject: In follow up of my voice mail
Mr. Kirwin,
My name is Aaron Walker.  A few weeks ago, I came into your office to discuss charges of harassment and electronic harassment by a Mr. Schmalfeldt.  I met with Assistant State’s Attorney Jim Brewer.  Also present was my wife and a victim’s advocate named Erica.  I believe she is Erica Carpio.
Mr. Brewer came in with an extremely hostile attitude toward the claim and I attempted to explain to him that there was a larger context to this situation.  I tried to explain that this was part of a pattern of retaliatory conduct directed at myself and my wife for over a year led by convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin after I had reported him for criminal conduct.  See, e.g., Kimberlin v. White, 7 F.3d 527, 528-529 (7th Cir. 1993) .  I explained to Mr. Brewer that Mr. Kimberlin had escalated his conduct on the same day I filed those charges to actually stalking my wife in the parking lot of your district court and that this had left my wife so shaken she had cried for over an hour afterward and inquired into whether he would prosecute that claim.
Mr. Brewer had the nerve to say he wouldn’t and told me that, “if you are so concerned for your safety, don’t come to Maryland.”
I consider that to be a statement of surrender to the forces of evil.  It is saying that Maryland is so incapable of controlling its criminals that rather than prosecute the criminals, visitors should avoid the state entirely.  And by extension, it suggests that good people already living there should probably leave.
Maryland has a moral duty to protect the safety of both its residents and its visitors.  I ask you today whether the Howard County State’s Attorney has decided to shirk its duty in that regard.  Or if the Howard County State’s Attorney has any statement in response to this issue.
I have left a similar, albeit shorter, voice mail message to the same effect.  You can reach me at [redacted] or at this email address.

I agree with Mr. Walker.  Why would a public servant such as Mr. Brewer give up on a fight when justice has not won?  Avoiding the problem does not make it go away– ignoring the truth doesn’t make the facts go away.

When will we hear an answer?

7 thoughts on “Howard County state’s attorney wants to ignore the problem

  1. “A bad cause will ever be supported by bad means and bad men.” — Thomas Paine (The Crisis, 1777)

    Sounds to me as though Mr. Brewer has let us all know which he is.


  2. Seems like you got your answer. If the States Attorney prosecuted every harebrained case to cross his desk, he’d have no time to prosecute real crime. The problem here is you have a disgraced lawyer who has a reputation for being less than truthful, and you are believing his story with no evidence to support it. You want to deal with a real problem? Ask Aaron “Worthing” Walker why he makes his wife check the car for bombs.


    1. Mr. Schmalfeldt,

      I am familiar with Mr. Walker’s story and from what I have observed coming from those on Team Kimberlin, I am inclined to believe he is not exaggerating or misconstruing the facts.

      You even came after me last summer after I questioned your friend who runs the Occupy Rebellion. You gave me 24 hours to take back my tweets or prove I was right. What action you meant to take should I fail to follow your dictates I do not know. Why the command? I did not threaten anyone. I simply asked questions and pointed out OR’s lies. That is *my* first amendment right.

      Searching for car bombs? How is that so odd? Your friend Mr. Kimberlin has a criminal background and bombs were part of it. To deny that would be ignoring facts. Reverting back to what I stated above, I have seen some crazy activity coming from the likes of yourself and other anonymous persons on Twitter and the blogosphere– if people say these things on the internet and matters have escalated to a legal battle, it is entirely possible that something bigger could happen. The SWATtings which you probably wish to deny the occurrence of are documented and *could* lead to someone being hurt or killed. It is not going to far to believe something more nefarious may be done as well.

      Having personally worked in politics, I have been threatened. Sometimes it is a vague threat, other times there is more. Mr. Walker’s precautionary actions are not unwarranted. After some experiences of my own I can honestly say checking one’s car is a reasonable action.

      But your comment is an attack on Mr. Walker and has little to do with the blogpost above. Mr. Brewer’s comment to the Walkers was not appropriate. A public servant *should* be concerned about the safety of all citizens of his/her state as well as people who may choose to visit the state.



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