“You’re On Your Own”, O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Uncovers Truth About Police’ Response Time

Anti-gun progressives on the left such as Piers Morgan believe that there is absolutely no need for average citizens to own firearms- ever.

To debunk this falsehood, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas undertook an undercover operation to investigate what response times are for crimes and how law-enforcement would have us protect ourselves from a serious physical threat in our homes.  The responses vary, but basically were met with a ‘You’re on your own’ answer.  Vice President Joe Biden’s ‘shotgun warning shot’ was ruled out as an action that could potentially get one arrested.

At the close of the video Sheriff David J. Clarke Jr. of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin gives a practical and realistic response on how it is best to protect ourselves in the hour (on average) which it takes before law enforcement shows up on the scene.

O’Keefe has a record of uncovering corruption in government which dates back several years.  To learn more about Project Veritas visit his website here.

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