New Mexico Gun Control Overreach, Occupy Speaks Out

New Mexico Occupy movement couldn’t resist approaching me after seeing Wednesday’s blogpost on Gov. Martinez’ favoring this gun control legislation.

I find it ironic that the administrator of the account implies that the New Mexico Democrat party is corrupt– of course it is, but the ties that link Occupy to the Democrat party make this a sweet comment.  In truth, one part of the Democrat Party (Democrats of Grant County) taught a ‘Teach In’ on what the Occupy movement was about at the Western New Mexico University in the autumn of 2011.  The flyer, which can still be found on the New Mexico Democrats website, reads as follows:


Why are they protesting? Why are they so upset? Why should we care?

What does this have to do with us?

WNMU/Community Teach In

on the Occupy Wall Street Movement

Tuesday, October 18th 6:30pm

Miller Library on WNMU Campus

Presented by WNMU Faculty and Community Leaders

Dr. Emma Bailey, Professor of Sociology

Dr. Mary Hotvedt, Chair, Grant Co. Democratic Party

Mr. Hueteotl López, Community Organizer

Dr. Kooros Maskooki, Professor of Finance

Dr. Felipe de Ortego y
Gasca, Scholar in Residency

Refreshments Provided

Sponsored by Miller Library, the
Department of Social Sciences, MEChA, and the Democratic Party of Grant County

Refreshments Provided

Sponsored by Miller Library, the
Department of Social Sciences, MEChA, and the Democratic Party of Grant County

So the New Mexico Democrat part and the Occupy movement have clear ties and a very similar agenda to tear down our nation’s founding principles.

Is it not taking away our Second Amendment rights and restricting them?!

How do we figure that one?  If you have a gun and you can protect yourself you will are less likely to be a victim!

I find no problem protesting the use of drones.  I would actually be happy to do so, but I generally shower daily and may not be accepted…I have also been told I ‘give Democrats nightmares’ and as we have seen above, some Occupy groups in New Mexico are sanctioned and organized by the Democrat Party, so…I should probably stay clear of the Democrat sanctioned Occupy groups which plan to have drone protests…

To which I did not receive a reply…so…

What is the point of these gun show background checks?

Which, once again doesn’t make sense unless all people who attempt to by guns at gun shows are criminals.

Bottom line.  It is our RIGHT as guaranteed by the Second Amendment:

After a second blogpost on Thursday the admin for the Occupy New Mexico account returned:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

– Second Amendment to the United States Constitution

*     *     *



Yet this Occupy group insists that this is not an encroachment on our freedoms?


They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.       – Benjamin Franklin

Liberty is of value.  Once we lose it, we can rarely regain the same level of freedom.

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