Pro Life Values and the ‘Problem’ with the GOP Message

Abortion.  Just Another Issue?

Saying abortion is ‘okay’ under some circumstances while totally wrong in others is an inconsistency which will not carry weight.  There will always be circumstances which will be grey and will open the door for more challenges and soon more and more circumstances will be allowed.  How can we justify abortion in the first trimester but only in cases of rape?  This mentality is emotional and is only based on pity for a poor woman who has been forced into terrible circumstances.  Cutting off one’s thumb because of a broken finger which was a result of an accidental hammer stroke, will only make it worse and there is no way to get around the ache that will follow or the visible signs of injury.  Binding up the finger (counseling) and learning to adjusting to the results of the accident will help.

If we treat abortion only as a matter of states rights, we can justify slavery as well.  No, abortion is as wrong as slavery and just as those in the nineteenth century would argue that Africans and African Americans are better off as slaves and it is a landowners ‘right’ to them, likewise people today argue that abortion is better for the mother and possibly the ‘fetus’ [properly named child] which she carries.  And as always abortion is a woman’s ‘right’ they will say.

Without going into why our founders didn’t provide a provision ending slavery immediately (there were many heated discussions during our nation’s founding) it is enough to say that our nation’s founders considered life important and guaranteed life, liberty and pursuit of happiness (originally property), as rights we are endowed with by our Creator.  Our Declaration of Independence lists it for a reason.  Furthermore, the fifth amendment guarantees due process.  Depriving a child of life before it can even plead it’s case or voice it’s request for mercy is the cruelest form of murder and shows the barbarism of our society.

Was the Fugitive Slave Act justice?  Do we consider it justified today?  During the slavery discourse which occurred throughout the better half of the nineteenth century slavery was legal and any slaves who escaped to the free states were to be sent back by citizens.  Not only were people not to help slaves escape to the freedom of Canada but, they were bound by law to aid slave owners or their representatives.

When Harriet Beecher Stowe penned her moving story of the horrors of slavery in Uncle Tom’s Cabin she was confronting the evil of her day, which was legal, straight on.  Similarly, today we cannot always judge what is legal by what is morally right or as a course we should condone.  There are times that we must take a stand just as the non-resistant Quakers did and take action against the injustice and evil.

A Discussion

Friday I was approached by a fellow-blogger who asked what my viewpoint was on HB-206.  This was a New Mexico bill introduced by Representative Cathrynn Brown which would penalize women who were victims of rape if they had an abortion as it would be considered ‘tampering with evidence.’  [The bill has since been pulled.  Rep. Brown states it was a error in the language.]

As a conservative I was rather surprised by the approach.  ‘Anti-abortion’, is typically used by those on the left instead of the term Pro-Life.  The choice of words came with a dull thud, but I was interested in the discussion.  Would I support the bill?  Yes.  If I have a chance to snatch young innocent children out of grip of death I will take that opportunity.  My scrutinizer believed that abortion is okay in some cases…

There is no Republican war on women.  It is a talking point of the left.  As a self-proclaimed alternative to the mainstream news sources Ms. Brenner says she is a warrior fighting the media.

Changing Our Message?

Yes, and the left agrees!

Why is the Republican ‘message’ the problem?  Why should we play into the hand or our opposition?  Weakening our stand will never get us anywhere.  It is all about who broadcasts our message and how we allow the left to convey our positions.  The Republican Party positions are, for the most part, spot on.  We only lack backbone and the right conveyance!

No.  I do not agree.  The problem is the media.  The GOP needs to stop bowing to the leftist media.  Try taking the Ben Shapiro approach and get the backbone of our great leaders of the past.

Throwing a Republican like Rep. Brown, who sponsored the bill which was mentioned earlier, under the bus isn’t going to help us at all.  We ought to deal with the problem.  Doesn’t the left always back their own?  And are they having greater success than us?

In Defense of the Mother as well as Child

In today’s society we hear much in defense of the rape victim, which is only right after such a terrible crime.  We must consider the terrible pains such a woman is in.  When confronted with a pregnancy after rape in today’s society the woman is faced with several options, among them abortion, a choice which can greatly escalate the woman’s heartache and can be detrimental to her health.  Counseling can do much to soothe the problems faced in this situation.

There is no way to right a wrong by by adding another wrong to it.  The child, conceived under such circumstances is just as valuable a life as any other.  It is still a beautiful life which God can use to shape the future.  If the mothers of Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein and Fredrick Douglass had aborted their pregnancies because they were raped, three great leaders who have forever shaped our lives would be missing.  Imagine life without Apple products or the freedoms minorities enjoy today?  These men would have never lived to forever change our lives if their mothers had availed themselves of the open door Roe v. Wade gives today’s women.

Isn’t the child the decedent of the mother as well as rapist?  There are so many options for the mother to consider beside abortion, the wanton killing of an innocent life.  Adoption, care by the family or perhaps even keeping the child will cause less trauma in the mothers life than an abortion.  There is no need to burden the state with his/her care.  Many people would be happy to step up and care for the child.

Strange how topics that have nothing to do with the subject matter find themselves entering the arena!  Never once have I advocated that a raped mother be killed, yet repeatedly it is stated that I am somehow not allowing the mother to have the same rights as the child– on the contrary.  I am advocating equal rights for the child and mother and being a defense voice for the child who has no way of protecting him/herself.

To the root of the issue

Where do my beliefs stem from?  God.  All life is a gift from Him.  While I follow many libertarian stands (fiscal, states rights, general liberties) I am firmly socially conservative.

What a thought!?  God condoning abortion?  This is not a time for jesting.  Truly, this is not God’s justice.  Quite the contrary:

“The fathers shall not be put to death for the children, neither shall the children be put to death for the fathers: every man shall be put to death for his own sin.”  Deuteronomy 24:16

But to even voice such a thought shows how little one cares about the subject.

With that philosophical reasoning one could easily say:

“Who’s to say the Holocaust [wasn’t] God’s way of “taking away” undesirables?”


“Who’s to say that slavery [wasn’t] God’s way of “taking [care]” of Africans?”

What Is Truth?

Lastly when we see that the truth is coming out we begin to see some interesting tactics:

“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon” – Alinsky

Well, well, well…

Then as the Pro-Life battle is finished I am questioned as to my views on the death penalty, to which I answer truthfully:

Doubtless I never got a reply to this tweet:

Or did I?…

“The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.” –  Alinsky

Independent as I am I enjoy a discussion that is open and honest.  Never did I incite piling of any kind, unless sharing the truth and my perspective which brought by-watchers rushing to the scene, many of whom agreed with my reasoning, is considered ‘piling.’

“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” – Alinsky

The real show of desperation is a personal attack as illustrated in Rules for Radicals.  Some consider people such myself rather private.   Therefore when someone goes to attacks using information that it was necessary to dig up I find their tactics pathetic and irresponsible.  When I defended such a person last fall from leftists who could be considered cyber-stalkers, no such information was considered relevant, but suddenly when there is a disagreement on a very controversial issue it becomes a very important factor!  Also, why would someone who referred me as a ‘friend’ in a recent blogpost do this?

Maybe we did get to see some Alinsky, especially rules four, five, eleven and twelve…

If Ms. Brenner is all about unity and defeating the left’s message why was a blogpost written which was then sent out automatically to what the site states as over 18,000 people?  Why do some moderates believe that these Republicans should be properly brought into the open and ridiculed?  “Their position is too stringent, let’s show the world,” they say.  Then we get a chance at having a Democrat fill their position next election.  I’ve seen this happen repeatedly and it’s not usually the conservatives who do the ‘purging.’  Good conservatives fail in races because the RNC and other Republican committees will not support them because of their firm conservative values.

If it is not unity for me to question others on their beliefs, how is this somehow unifying?

“If these same people who believe President Obama is Muslim (which I do not) allowed his supposed religious beliefs to be implemented on a federal level, what then? At a state level, however, we can better control the legislation and the representatives are closer to the people. I am a conservative, despite the attacks that occurred on Twitter yesterday.”

Setting the record straight: my conservatarian stance on abortion, lifeSara Marie Brenner

My viewpoint of Barack Obama is irrelevant in this situation and I cannot recall discussing the issue with Ms. Brenner, yet she accuses me of believing this.  I have addressed Obama’s siding with radical communists and Muslim extremists here and here, but saying I believe Obama is a Muslim is putting words in my mouth….the above could be considered libelous and is a play out of the mainstream media playbook.

If one is a conservative, act like it and get the job done by fighting the leftist media and leaving their tactics behind.  Being partially pro-life is not a conservative stand.  It is certainly not a conservative Republican stand.  Is it pro-choice?  That is debatable.  Maybe best would be the way Ted Kennedy put it in a debate with Mitt Romney:  Multiple Choice.  Perhaps I should define myself as ‘Pro-birth’ in the future.

In Closing

We need to cut through the politically correct fat and get down to the issues.  Can we get along?  Sure.  We must, but criticizing someone’s position and escalating it as far as possible is not the direction I generally head.  I enjoy a spirited Twitter debate, but I keep it to the interactive level and do not have a history of taking my arguments with conservatives to blogosphere or radio.

7 thoughts on “Pro Life Values and the ‘Problem’ with the GOP Message

  1. You hit the nail on the head! God gives us life! The “war on women” is a tactic of the left to indoctrinate against God and His Will; His perfect Will. To those who think we need to alter the GOP “message” I would say we just need to stick to our moral disciplines. Keep up the great work!!


  2. In fairness to Sara Marie, she posted an article from me on her blog that backs the pro life position 100%. I disagree with her on this issue (and others), but we have been able to sit together over a meal and discuss these things and still walk away as friends. I did not change her mind; she did not change mine either

    You see the inconsistencies in this thought process; I see them, too. It’s up to us (and people like us) to keep putting that same message out there: Life begins at conception. Life is a gift from God. All life is precious. Abortion destroys life. Abortion destroys our future. It is barbaric and brutal and no civilized society should engage in it, let alone proudly engage in it. Everything else is just a distraction.

    Keep up the good work! Keep spreading the word. We’ll get there. We’ll change hearts and minds and in our time, we will see this end. God bless.

    (As a side note, I don’t know that Twitter, limited to 140 characters per go-round, is the place to has these things out, once they start becoming heated.)


    1. Abortion is a delicate issue in our society and should be. I wasn’t too happy to tackle it, but standing up for the unborn who have no voice is something that couldn’t be avoided under the circumstances. I certainly agree about 140, I find the subject difficult to discuss on any platform.

      Thank you and God bless you!


  3. I saw part of the twitter exchange, and of my own volition, unfollowed Ms. Brenner, and not necessarily because of her wrongheaded view that it’s acceptable to abort a child simply because of its size and circumstances of conception. To some extent, I can agree to disagree with folks on that and pray they eventually see the light. Rather, I did so because she decided to play the victim, another oft used leftist tactic (one I find wildly ironic considering they are allegedly the party of strong feminists) in addition to those you note above. I suspect she did so not only because her position is indefensible, but because you exposed her at her own invitation. Perhaps she was hoping somebody she respected would agree and then be able to argue the position for her.

    Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight on behalf of the most innocent among us.


    1. Thank you, ma’am. I appreciate it. In today’s world it’s difficult to find the perfect ‘balance’ in issues like this. I truly had to think about the post and reevaluate multiple times before feeling comfortable about posting. This is such a difficult subject and one I wish would never need to be addressed.


  4. I truly hate to do this, but your example in the “accidental hammer stroke” analogy isn’t appropriate in this argument. Rape is NOT an accident. The hammer stroke is. The proper analogy should be that someone else hit your finger with the hammer — ON PURPOSE — and then the analogy works. Otherwise, it’s a flawed argument. Sorry.


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