Guest Post: Useful Idiots

Guest Post:

I worked as a poll challenger yesterday. New Mexico has created a new system that was used for the first time. Voter Convenience Centers are now being used in place of each precinct having its own polling place. There are less polling places but useful idiots don’t have to understand what a precinct is and vote in the one they reside in. The VCC I worked is in the area of the county that is predominantly Hispanic. Mind you that this county is almost equal Anglo and Hispanic and has been that way for many decades so there is very little racial tension between the two. This area I worked is also notorious for voter fraud. For those residents who still work it is largely union and directly related to the mines or for the mine itself. I was sent there because it is known I won’t be intimidated.

Anyway, to get to the point, there also were changes to the ballot as well. No longer can a voter mark the ballot for straight Democrat or straight Republican. Obviously this means a voter has to look at the names of the candidates. I was absolutely shocked, if that is the correct word, at how many voter’s ballots were rejected by the counter machine (paper ballot, then fed into the machine tabulator). In all cases the voter was marking more than one candidate for each contest. In many cases ALL candidates were marked. The election judge was constantly having to instruct them to erase all but one. Frequently the voter would still get it wrong and have to erase more. All the workers, the judge, and myself the challenger were trying to figure out what was wrong. The sample instructional ballot and other instructions posted throughout the polling place went into great detail on how to fill out the ballot and even how to fill in the oval with a pencil. I guess it was assumed that it was not necessary to instruct to pick one. So many of these voters have just filled in the Democrat straight run oval for so many years they don’t even know who or what they are voting for. I believe these people are why the term useful idiot was even coined.

What is funny is how one particular voter came in, voted without assistance, and got it right on the first try. This individual is about 45, 6’6″, Hispanic, and probably known by everybody who has lived in the county for any length of time. He obviously has some mental disorder that before the term PC came about, we would refer to him as retarded. He is friendly but very loud. I heard him coming before he even got through the doors. He shouted out “Romney!” and I knew who was coming. One of the poll workers freaked out and ran towards the entrance to put an end to this illegal electioneering. She saw who it was and let him in. After a few minutes he shouted out “Reagan!” A little later it was “George Washington!” Later it was the name of some saint. He had everybody in the place on edge but did everything correctly all by himself and cast his vote. Why can a retard do a perfect job, but libtards, some of whom have been voting for decades, cannot get it right even after multiple attempts?


“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever.”

Thomas Jefferson

Guest Post by a fellow New Mexican.

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