Obama, the Problem and Conservatism

We can’t afford four more years of Barack Obama. That is pretty simple, but there are many people that do not understand…and many more need encouragement.  That’s where this video below comes in.

Obama said he would cut the deficit, a great promise…but not only was he unable to keep it, he raised the deficit by five trillion in less than four years…Bush raised the deficit by four Trillion in twice as many years!  Many Americans lack employment, our economy is still in a recession!  This is just one area where Barack Obama’s ‘Hope and Change’ was an empty promise.

Do you feel safer than you were four years ago?  Benghazi and the Fast and Furious Scandals come to mind.  No…we’re certainly not safer than we were four years ago.

We need a leader who will stand for something and defend us…one who can turn around our economy and bring the values of conservationism with him.  This is our chance to return to the principles that Reagan fought for.  We are on the road to being a completely Communistic, Socialistic state.  It is time for you and I to stop the momentum that is taking us in that direction.

We must defeat Barack Obama this November!

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