Two Distinct Viewpoints

A look at two world-viewpoints and two distinct philosophies that affect us every day of our life. Both speakers are energized and willing to speak out about their belief.

The first believes that she should be given a lot, if not everything, for free.  She believes that these free things belong to her.  There are many people that owe her a lot and she is defending her president because she believes he will give her more free things!

She’s the genuine Obama-phone woman.  The government owes her everything it seems.  Why?  It’s not certain, but she probably is on the government roll in other areas on her life also.  She does not appear to have much of a goal or purpose beyond getting more for free and otherwise keeping the status quo.

*   *   *

The second woman believes that she is responsible for the future of her country.  Not only for herself, but for future generations.  She knows our nation’s historic roots and understands our founders principles.

The second lady struggles to redirect our nation back to it’s founding principles (yes, she’s TEA Party) and gives an inspiring speech.

They are obviously very different people and likely come from different backgrounds, both are determined and willing to proclaim what they believe.  One cares for only herself, while the other wants to preserve our nation for future generations.

*   *   *

This election we must remind all our friends and family to vote for the candidate that will best protect our nation and lead us in the right direction.  If every American were to quit work and try to get, ‘Obama phones’ there wouldn’t be an America very long.  Our nation has only lasted this long because we were founded on principles that encourage each of us to work and be a productive member of the nation.

“…If any would not work, neither should he eat.”  II Thessalonians 3:10

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