Obama– A Friend to the Enemy

Following the news these last couple weeks has been amazing. The attacks on our Embassies are attacks on our soil! The timing is certainly one thing…and the fact that Obama brushes it away is another big issue. But one of the greatest things is when this administration lies about what happened.

Our embassy in Libya was not well-guarded. Many have stated that the security was particularly poor., yet according to Obama’s administration we had security that was perfectly adequate. Something is wrong.

The Muslims who were part of this protest want us dead, as the pictures below show. They are not members of a peaceful tolerant religion as some would have us believe. It is about war, killing, and conquering those who do not adhere to their religion of blood-lust. These pictures sent to me last week on Twitter from an Australian, illustrate what we type of foe we are fighting.  The goal of this?  Marching on our U.S. Embassy in Sydney Australia.

Kind, tolerant Islam? Credit: @SamNaz116
Protecting the streets. Credit: @SamNaz116
Even children are taught to hate.
Even children are taught to hate. Credit: @SamNaz116

Furthermore many are stating that these attacks are planned some time in advance. Here’s what one Aussie had to say:

In truth, Obama should be held responsible. Anyone who doesn’t cry against these evil deeds is condoning these actions. What does Obama stand to lose by telling these extremists they are wrong? They already hate us and have threatened us across the country with bombs this past week! We American’s have more to lose by condoning this than we do by standing with allies who also suffer at the hands of these lunatics (Israel comes to mind immediately).

President Obama– Stand with our allies. Fight our enemies who have sworn to destroy us. Anything less is failed leadership and aiding our enemies.

Obama is showing himself more and more to be either in competent or a radical extremist. Either way he is equally dangerous.

One thought on “Obama– A Friend to the Enemy

  1. Hey Fireball! Another good article and I liked the fire in your writing. If you look in history from Bible times on. Abraham and Sarah didn’t trust the Lord completely and took matters into their own hands …the result was Ishmael. Now Abraham loved Ishmael but the problem was that God had his own plans and wanted Sarah his wife to give him a son, Isaac.
    From then on through history Arabs and Jews have been at odds, cause I suspect their was envy and bitterness that has come down through the years. Mohammed I have read actually went to Jerusalem and then soon after that he had his great vision in this cave of the Islamic religion. He tried to base it on Judeo Christianity with a twist of hatred, bitterness and envy. That is what Satan does. But the crux of the matter is that they want Israel to be no more and they want Jerusalem. They hate it that the “infidels” have Jerusalem.
    So no amount of apologizing, kowtowing or bowing is going to make them happy.
    I honestly suspect that Obama is not incompetent, this was his plan all along. The guy was raised all his life with radical Muslims and radical Communist so what do we expect that suddenly he becomes President and he is going to be different? I think not.
    Our Nation seems to be slowly waking up and we need to get Obama and his regime out of the White House and really turn back to God. We have gone far from Him.
    “Unless the Lord build the house, the laborers labor in vain..” Psa. 127:1a
    Sorry I got a bit carried away. LOL Great post again! Keep it up!


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