Susana Speaks

Last night it was amazing speech that our Governor Susana Martinez gave.  Her’s is a story of how a determined person can rise from an average life and become an important leader while fighting corruption and the forces of darkness at the same time.  Just as a Hispanic alone, we are told it is an important fete.  She has worked her way up fighting for what is right all along that path.

We New Mexicans love our Governor.  We fought to elect her and now we see her take the stage and feel that this is a great honor!  As stated in an earlier post we as New Mexicans are thrilled that she was given the opportunity to speak at the Republican National Convention!!

2 thoughts on “Susana Speaks

  1. Sure am Proud of the Women in the GOP. They are awesome! Of course there are men that are awesome too. LOL I just remember that Gov Perry sure thought a lot of Susana Martinez. Thanks for sharing!


    1. She’s a wonderful lady. I’ve met with her numerous times and fell in love with her before the primary! She got my full support.

      After the devastating Richardson years we are so blessed!


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