FRC Shooting and the Media’s Bias

A shooting in Washington D.C!!  The media is quick to take the opportunity to report another crime that will lead to stricter gun control legislation…

But wait.  This was a shooting at a Christian organization’s office and in reality the shooting has not been highly report, it was actually under-reported.   At about 10:45am this morning an armed man entered the Family Research Council office on  G Street in Washington D.C.  The security guard, identified by some on Twitter as Leo, wrestled the shooter and was shot but is expected to recover.  He likely saved others from being injured and possibly killed.  According to the D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier, the security guard should be considered a hero– this hero and his family could certainly use our prayers at this time.

And now as to how the media handled this? Here’s some of the tweets that the ‘real media’ sent when they eventually decided to report the shooting.

ABC News didn’t even bother to get their information straight when reporting on their Breaking News.  James Dobson hasn’t been associated with the FRC for years:

CNN showed slight bias when they tweeted their announcement on it. Why is ‘conservative’ tacked on before the organization’s name?

The gunman is reported to be black and in his late twenties. Police officers at the scene gave his name to NBC as Floyd Corkins. It was also said that he carried Chick-Fil-A materials in his backpack (what does ‘Chick-Fil-A materials’ include?

President Obama, has been silent. Why? Are the people killed at the Sitk Temple a higher priority than the man shot at a D.C. pro-Life, pro-traditional family lobbying group? The president shouldn’t have a problem addressing this issue.  Obama’s absence in this is quite telling.  Is Floyd Corkins Obama’s son too?

The FRC is said to be a group in the forefront of the battle to defend the family and the important principles that have been a mainstay of our nation.  I support them completely, but regardless of one’s views the FRC should respect have our respect and we should agree with Tony Perkins president of The Family Research Council:

“Our first concern is with our colleague who was shot today.  Our concern is for him and his family.”

9 thoughts on “FRC Shooting and the Media’s Bias

  1. Why do you think Obama should comment when all the facts aren’t in yet? It would be rather foolish to do so. Also, what’s wrong with putting “conservative” in front a conservative organization? I don’t see how that is bias. If anything it lets us know that the shooter might be a liberal.


    1. The LGBT have already sent their well-wishes to the man who was shot and his family. It would be natural for Obama to do the same. One quick tweet wishing the victim the best in his recovery.


    2. This is a late response to the question as to why Obama should comment. He was quick to comment on the Trayvon Martin shooting and to this day the facts still are unclear. The answer as to why no comment was made is obvious. It does not benefit this man politically. Plain and simple.


  2. It’s all very disturbing, to have so many shootings within such a short amount of time. But the Lord certainly protected everyone at the Family Research Council, including the security guard–thank goodness he’s going to be alright!


  3. Like you, I have taken note of the medias keen ability to ignore violence towards Christians – not just today, but everyday. We certainly do pray for the guard and his family, but also for FRC to be strong and courageous and to keep fighting the good fight.


    1. I certainly agree Susan, from what I have heard, the man was shot in the arm and is expected to recover, yet I cannot imagine what his family must be going through.

      Prayer and support is what the need most at this time.


  4. A good article! The Media Bias is so obvious and thats why I have taken to Twitter and have become a Tweeter gal. LOL I am seeing how we can fight the Bias and now that everyone has is a tool that Conservatives can use effectively. So many go to Conservative Blogs now for news.


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