Martinez Goes to Florida

When I first met Susana Martinez in the spring of 2010 I was very favorably impressed.  She was amazing!  Had a great personal story and was someone who had a desire to fight the corruption, get our education system to what it ought to be and get New Mexico back on track.  The D.A. from the southern New Mexico town of Las Cruces earned my vote and bested her four primary opponents that June.  An amazing fete.  In the beginning she had only been considered a regional candidate, but she made it through that tough primary and shortly after had a six point lead on her Democratic challenger.

Martinez came across as someone who truly cared about the issues and our state.  She is a former Democrat who switched to Republican in the middle nineties after realizing that the Republican platform better conforms to her beliefs.  This proved a remarkable asset and an avenue for reaching many voters.

That was a tough summer.  Martinez and her campaign team fought hard and won a great victory in November.  Not only did she become New Mexico’s first female Governor when she was sworn in as Governor on January first 2011, she also became the first Hispanic woman to become a state Governor in the entire nation!

There were some unexpected issues those first months.  Northern New Mexico had a national disaster when rolling blackouts shut down the natural gas to the region.  With temperatures well below zero, Governor Martinez was forced to make important decisions.

As a New Mexican resident I am pleased to learn that my Governor will be a featured speaker at the RNC convention that will be held later this month.  We have come a long way and it is truly a blessing to see the accomplishments of our governor.

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