Don’t Mess With This Guy

A Normal Thursday

Last week a young man entered a southern New Mexico chiropractic clinic in the morning and filled out the forms given him by the doctor.  When the doctor returned to pick up the forms he hardly expected to have a small caliber pistol thrust in his face and told to hand over his cash.

Asking for Trouble

This time the wrong victim was chosen.  The middle-aged doctor had no plan of giving up to a young scamp, who in the author’s opinion, likely only wanted the money for drugs.  The chiropractor lunged at the would-be thief.  The small gun wasn’t easy to get control.  The doctor did make a punch that collided with the attacker’s nose.  After the duo hit the ground the gun still remained in the young man’s possession.  And in the scuffle that followed the middle-aged man was shot in the lower abdomen.  Amazingly the would-be robber continued to be pummeled by the now seriously wounded doctor before he managed to flee the scene.  The young man was later apprehended by law enforcement.


On the other side of town an assistant who would have normally been working but had felt a strange God-given urge to stay home that day received a call that her employer had been shot after an attempted robbery.  Truly amazing she had escaped, though she found it traumatic enough to receive such a call.

Not to be Messed With

Friends of the doctor stated they were not surprised that the he put up such a fierce stand.  In their opinion he was one of the last people to be messed with.  An outdoors-man and hunter who once continued a hunt/camp-out even after breaking his leg, the 51-year-old chiropractor is a strong believer in the self defense and had no intention of letting a crime be committed if he could stop it.  He was not only willing to defend himself, but also others who were present.

In Response to Aurora

To me this illustrated the importance of our ability to maintain our Second Amendment rights.  If we can’t defend ourselves where will we be?  I truly feel blessed to see that there are people who are willing to stand up to criminals and endeavor to whip them even if there could be fatal consequences if one fails.

*Last heard the victim of the shooting was doing well considering the circumstances and was recovering from surgery.

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