Stand with Aaron Walker!

Free speech reigns for Aaron Walker once again. The full story can be found on Aaron Walker’s blog.  According to Walker, Kimberin was accompanied by Rauauser neither of whom were in particularly good spirits.  It was a great accomplishment for free speech!
This truly could affect each of us.  Free speech is something often under assault today in a variety of shapes and forms, so when a conservative’s rights are upheld, we all benefit.  Between now and November we have no way of knowing what  kind of issues will come to light and how other conservatives will be challenged.

As usual the battle continues.  I’m aware of one instance, but there are likely more.  @OccupyRebellion has been trolling @AaronWorthing (which seems to be a habit) sending a dozen tweets and generally being a nuisance.  This tweet in particular I found haunting…

Leftists will actually go to the trouble to frame someone for a crime, bully them so they and their spouse lose their jobs, endanger their lives through what is now well-known as SWATting, and who knows what else.  Then through legal challenges and other issues the object of their hatred is confronted with unknown expenses.  This is how these leftists operate!  Truly sad they would stoop to such.  And this comes from simply blogging and exposing to the public the truth of what a liberal is truly about.

As shown above it seems the liberals are determined to tear down whomever may cross their path.  We must continue to stand with those who have sought to bring to the truth to light!!

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