Wisconsin Recall, Bad News for Obama

Tuesday’s results from Wisconsin’s recall election are encouraging and truly show which direction our nation is headed. Scott Walker received 53% of the vote, a strong lead of 7% over his Democrat opponent.

President Obama’s administration had seen this recall election failure coming and avoided Wisconsin, making no endorsement and generally staying away from the issue. This was a strategic move, but we have yet to see if it will make a difference in Obama’s reelection attempt. Even though there were were allegations of people being bussed into the state to vote Democrat as well as other abnormalities Scott Walker had success. This obviously didn’t have the detrimental effect on the results of the election that some had hoped. In this election voter fraud was defeated.

Did Wisconsin’s recall election foretell a great loss for Obama in November?

The unions were the group that started this entire matter, though there were certainly forces behind them. This is a great blow to their organizations. The Democrats and unions together spent nearly as much money as those supporting Walker, yet they failed. A great failure. Obama enlisted the union’s support when initially running for president, but apparently he has left his dedicated supporters to fend for themselves when it wasn’t advantageous for him to side with them. This is the way liberals work. His supporters should realize this. Perhaps many of them will before November.

Those on the left put a tremendous effort into getting the recall election set up. It cost has cost taxpayers of Wisconsin millions of dollars to run an election that was not necessary. And it was not successful. From media outlets we hear about the tens of millions that Republicans wasted on the election, but few bring up the fact that it was Democrats and unions that forced the recall.  They worked toward it and they spent nearly as much as the Republicans to campaign for Tom Barret against Scott Walker. If the left hadn’t pushed for the recall the Republicans wouldn’t have needed to defend an effective Governor and work to keep him in that position.

The greatest significance is that this recall election may very well foretell what will occur in November. Democrats are organized, there is no denying it, and they undoubtedly have plans to encourage people to vote for Obama regardless of what method it takes them to get the votes they need. Obama will certainly use the same tactics that were used in 2008, the difference is this time he will be better organized. But as this incident in Wisconsin has proven, it is possible to be victorious over these barriers. ‘We the People,’ are determined to see truth and justice prevail over the forces of evil. The last four years have been disastrous for our nation.

The voters of Wisconsin may very well have spoken for the entire nation when they decided to keep Scott Walker. United States citizens are ready to succeed and stand with a dependable leader who will not cower behind a podium, but will fight for our country.

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