Twitter Justice

Where is the justice on Twitter??

The past couple weeks I have seen many of my friends on Twitter disappear. They are being suspended because they made liberals angry. But it wasn’t that they were doing anything wrong. They simply stood up for what they believed. This wasn’t an issue of spamming another user or threatening someone. Often the person was defending someone– maybe Rush Limbaugh, or a fellow conservative who blogs. Perhaps they were calling out an elected official or criticizing the Obama administration. There have been many situations and each one has been slightly different. However, they have been united by the factor that they have each been unjustly suspended. This silencing of conservatives has the potential of affecting each of us on the social networks.

This Twitter suspension has become a free speech issue– liberals do not seem to know or care that there is something guaranteed to us in the Bill of Rights, the first amendment. A conservative speaks up, is attacked, then suspended. That convenient ‘block and report as spam’ button is used readily by those who want to silence the conservative force. It is an organized effort. These are people being suspended, not spam accounts. I’ve known some of them for quite some time– we’ve had great discussions in the past.

After suspension it is natural to attempt to have one’s account reinstated. Satisfactory reasons for suspension would be helpful. In most cases no reason is given for suspension and if an account is reinstated is often attacked furiously and taken out again, even after no additional tweets are posted. There is obviously a problem here; people are being targeted because they have expressed an opinion that was not approved by the liberals.

Like many others on Twitter I’ve run into my share of crazy liberals. They love to attack us, maybe even hint at a threat or similar. Why aren’t these accounts suspended? These people have done enough to receive their reward- suspension, but I haven’t seen it happen. They have done far more than most of us conservatives would dream of.

At this point the greatest thing we can do is attempt to raise awareness and encourage justice for our friends in the Twitter Gulag. This important issue must be brought to light and the truth must be known.

18 thoughts on “Twitter Justice

  1. Only became aware of Twitter gulag a few days ago and not sure of exactly what tactics are in play. Is it that liberals conspire to retweet a particular conservative tweet with enough frequency to have it pronounced “spam”? In any event, liberal intolerance of opinion opposing their own is historic and appalling. I hope Twitter is not turning a blind eye to this abuse of their system, as appears.


    1. Actually they use the ‘report & block’ button. The conservatives I’ve dealt with weren’t spamming at in any way and I’ve dealt with at least a hundred. There’s no way thy can misconstrue the facts to make it appear we’re spamming. Injustice is the best way to spell it.


  2. Starting with Ed Meese and his shredding of the Constitution & Bill of Rights, to Cheney & the “Patriot” Act, yer party of GOP (Gay Old Perverts or Plutocrats) are surely the ones against free speech friend. So don’t even try to pretend you’re ilk are some bastion of free speech supporters, thats recently on display with your Republican cronies on Wall Street & big banks cracking down on the Occupy people. If it’s the Tea Party in crazy costumes that harken back to Boston (complete with atrocious grammar & horrible spelling… as W. said “our children is not learnin”) thats cool. If it is folks who are a little hirsute or smell funny (and wear costumes as well) they are ridiculed and portrayed as “hippies” that have no point. I have seen many of them speak very eloquently of their cause that usually is how all the lobbyists are mouthpieces for big biz and are violating core principles of American ethics in our government. However, it seems Faux Noise, er uh.. Fox News picks stragglers on the fringe of the group who perhaps wandered into it on their way home from getting stoned at a friends, when they want to do a “story” on them. Fox aren’t too big on facts, Republicans in general are not too fond of facts. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion fer sure, but NOT their own facts. Take a smokescreen issue like gay marriage you right-wingers love to parade out in lieu of any real substancial issue, you present it as if the act of marriage is some Holy state of existence and is sacred. Well now, to me it is simply fodder for the Kardashians to make a few million for marrying some meathead, or take your old Tiffany encrusted candidate Newt… I think he is on his 4th or 5th one now? And this last one he married after divorcing his previous wife on her cancer-ridden deathbed. So you see, in short… I say you are full of _____ and you mentioned how vile liberals are, tell Rush when ya drop off his Oxycontin how sweet it was for him to tell Sandra Fluke since she was gonna be having ____, record it and mail the videotape to him. Have a good day you adorable moral authority you!


    1. I appreciate new visitors to my blog, however this is not the place to attack me– this is MY blog. I would enjoy an open discussion on Twitter if you can show a little respect.

      I see you have a strong hate for the Republican Party, but if you truly wish to follow the Constitution you would see that my party platform aligns better with our nation’s founding documents than any other major party. If you wish to attack the records and personal life of Republican candidates you should also consider the records of former president Bill Clinton and former presidential candidate John Edwards– they are even more deserving of your attacks. There are no perfect politicians. If you wish to attack the passing of the patriot act you should also look into some of the laws pushed through and passed by Clinton and Carter. Going back to the 1960’s we see what troubled legislation Johnson through and which became law.

      As for my spelling and/or grammar you may want to look in the mirror…

      In short, before you attack me on MY blog study up. I have been attacked numerous times on Twitter for my stands. I have never used inappropriate language, though some liberal’s comments have come very close to threats simply because they hate my views. I support free speech. That is why I am defending my fellow patriots.

      May God bless you and guide you to truth.



      1. Thank you for the reply, in the future I will exchange points with you on Twitter as you suggested. Frustrating as it is seeing that only 1/4 of what I’ve typed so far would be allowed. Only wish to correct a few points here for the luxury of characters. Hate is a little strong for my opinion of Republicans, I’m a Ron Paul fan so you see, hate is out. Being a conservative myself, it’s bone crushingly painful to see the result of two unfunded wars, (both of a nefarious nature) tax cuts at the same time for those who needed it least resulting in a record defecit from a surplus left…. I seem to be getting sidetracked. Also, I did not personally attack YOUR grammar/spelling, only the Tea Party’s signs. And I have to throw in a token “substancial” ‘stead of a substantial just to make most gun totin’ folk readin’ this feel at home. And lastly c’mon man, Edwards? Really? Yeah, he’s scum… but I raise you a Henry Hyde who had an affair at age 48 and called it “a youthful indiscretion”… about 25 years too late for “youth” and Dan Burton who fathered a child out of wedlock in his affair and used taxpayer monies to pay hush-money for 13 years. Both Republicans and both calling Clinton out all the while knowing they had deeds more despicable. I won’t mention Larry Craig’s “wide stance” in the Men’s Room or Mark Foley’s affection for —- (I’ll be nice and leave it at that). I am often saying Democrats & Republicans both are in the same big bed, but the American people are the ones getting screwed. Of course it swings both ways and I’m an equal oppurtunity offender, but it seems you aren’t as you don’t want discourse on your blog, only opinions that are cloned from your own. That’s fine, I respect your wishes, and true it is yours. It is a perfect example however of what seems to be a GOP character flaw that I think would cause a great man such as Barry Goldwater to question you present day Republicans. Even Ronnie would tell y’all to get stuffed. Why? Because the truth is not relevant, you want to have it ALL your way. John Boehner, perfect example (what is wrong with that man? The tears!) in that he and Mitch McConnell are willing to destroy America and ruin lives with no regard in order to ensure that Obama is a one-termer, Mitch has admitted that. And one last thing, in my first letter I used the word ___ with an “e” for politeness, I can understand the censorship there, but you blocked out the word ___ as well. Really? Really? I didn’t write ___… I typed __. In closing, you really shouldn’t be so presumptuous as to allude that God hasn’t already brought me to the Truth, after all, He hated Esau even in the womb. You have no exclusive option on the Truth brother. Peace and joy be with you, be with us all.


      2. You seem to forget that this is my blog– the moderator WILL edit where she chooses. While I am permissive I will not allow it to be taken over by people who support a candidate who is, arguably, no longer in the race. If I wanted a discussion here I would write an anti-Paul post (but, I have enough to do moderating Facebook groups). Trust me, I could find plenty of irresponsible things Paul done and share if I wished… Likewise anything potentially offensive to viewers will be censored.

        Think about it before you attack the Tea Party– your own Ron Paul claims to be the father of that group. I may or may not agree with them on matters and they are not perfect, but they met a need when it was there…many active in the Tea Party are libertarians who support Paul. You’re treading on thin ice and your argument has flaws.

        If you want to speak of grammar and spelling I could show you several videos and a host of pictures that show what the Occupy movement is really like. Once again, they have Paul’s blessing. The oft refered to ‘incorruptible one,’ has spoken.

        If you have any more to discuss, let it be done on Twitter.


  3. Hey there! I see that Kathy Sweets got put in Twitter Gulag. About 3 months ago someone did that to me. I ended up being suspended for maybe 2 days at the most. I thought at first it was a joke cause they notified me that I was reported for spamming. Then they just deleted me. Grief! But I managed to jump through the right hoops and they let me back on. They shouldn’t be allowed to do that just cause they don’t like your opinions. But on the other hand I am not sure what they could do to make it better. After all there has been pornbots on Twitter that hound ppl, etc. But good discussion and they need to do something about this. Most ppl suspended that I know about did nothing except voice their opinions.


    1. Really? I didn’t know that happened to you! Yes. There have been many, many, many suspensions.

      I have personally dealt with over one hundred cases since Chris Loesch was suspended for defending his wife. There are some still in #TwitterGulag from that.

      It is pathetic that Twitter will not deal with this issue. We need to get through somehow, because this isn’t working.


  4. I am still very much in support of Free Speach even for the band of Mistiffs running amok on Twitter. I can defeat their irrationality like kicking a tire. I fear no honest debate of the issues or matter. But this is the fact of the Problem – These poor excuses for the leftist can’t present a reasoned argument for their opinions and so they can only LASH OUT and Fail to win any points


    1. The liberals do not understand the true meaning of free speech and therefore believe it is fine to misuse it. Today they are given free reign in many areas. The problem is that they use their free speech ‘rights’ to silence ours. When it comes to this it is no longer free speech rights. There must be balance or we will get nowhere.


  5. Thank you fireball for exposing this injustice. I have had 4 separate accounts, (completely separate emails) targeted and suspended. The liberals I was debating used the most VILE and sickening attacks against me yet nothing. The most vulgar and profain language was used to personally assault me. Nothing. Why? Because I deeply believe in the free speech of all Americans, not just Conservatives!


    1. Really appreciate the feedback. I see these suspensions every day and it is terribly sad that people would stoop to this low a level and actually suspend people for simply voicing their opinion. The worst part is sometimes the suspensions are just the beginning. These people are attacked and traced from one account to the next.


  6. Its very troubling to me to have yet another account suspended by twitter. This makes 5 times now. I was trying to be very careful with my last acct, trying to rebuild a following by staying clear of liberals. I let my guard down, aggressively engaging the liberal left. Im very passionate about my country and the fragile freedoms we enjoy. Ive been actively involved in politics for many years. Im deeply disturbed by the infiltration of terrorist groups like the Muslim brotherhood into all levels of our govt headed by Barack Hussein Obama. We are under attack from within. These tactics by the liberal left silencing free speech is disgusting to me. Thank u for shining your light on these atrocities.


    1. I’m sorry to hear about this suspension! It truly saddens me that this has happened again. But I know the feeling. I’ve always promised myself after a suspension that I’ll be more careful in the future. I’ve had four suspensions on my primary @PolitixFireball account. It usually comes as a shock!


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